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Mazes RPG Zine Set Softcover - Engels

€ 38,99

A thoroughly modern take on the original RPG of dragons, dice, and dungeons.

Mazes is a return to the classic sword and sorcery dungeon crawler with award-winning, yet delightfully simple modern rules. The first TTRPG to use the polymorph system, Mazes is easy to learn and teach, and ready to play without a lot of prep.

Designed for episodic play, Mazes is ideal for one-shots and conventions. It's a distillation and modernization of the classic Dungeon Delve, making it a perfect introduction for those new to roleplaying, as well a great excuse for grognards to get back into the dungeon.

This beautiful staple-bound zine set is the original printing of Mazes, our classic sword and sorcery dungeon crawler. You will receive 4 zine-books containing gorgeous retro art and everything you need to play and run Mazes: Sword, Sorcery, Maze, and Monster.