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Moonlight on Roseville Beach RPG - Engels

€ 44,99

Make your own Moonlight on Roseville Beach mysteries, character options, and hacks in the Dunes & Disco Jam.


Queer pulp meets cosmic horror! It's 1979, and you're spending the summer working in Roseville Beach, the queerest little town on Rose Island. You might have come here looking for an escape, some fun, a little extra money, or even love, but now people are seeing phantasms, strange animals—and stranger old gods—wander the woods, mysterious monoliths appear randomly, and that strange music is coming from somewhere.


What's in the book?

  • Character creation, including your origin story before you got to Roseville Beach, jobs on the island, and strange events that introduced you and your housemates to Rose Island's strange supernatural happenings.
  • Over 20 options for Guest Star characters: Ready-to-play characters for those friends who drop into your game for a session or two, created by Sharang Biswas, Ezakur, and Alison Cybe.
  • Rules of play driven by simple d6 mechanics inspired by Psi*Run and Goblinville Gazette.
  • A full chapter on running the game and another with deep dives into the town and Rose Island.
  • Mysteries and mystery starters.
  • Six flash fiction pieces.