Cluebox The Trial of Camelot - Engels

€ 46,99

The fourth edition of the wildly popular Cluebox was inspired by legend of King Arthur and the Trial of Merlin. This complex wooden puzzle box is essentially a Camelot-themed escape room that fits in the palm of your hand.


The Kingdom of Logres, early 6th century. The aging King Arthur asks for the help of his mentor, mage Merlin, to find a worthy knight who can take part in the quest for the Holy Grail. Later on Merlin finds a way to identify the worthy - the one who can pass the trail and "pull out the king's sword."

Many knights gifted with strength and valor came to Merlin, but none of them could cope with the trial. Until Galahad, son of Lancelot, came along. A short time later King Arthur proclaims him the greatest knight ever.

Many deeds of Galahad are described in detail in medieval literature, except for one - the trial of Merlin, which remained a secret of Galahad. Until quite recently, in West Yorkshire, a mound with the tomb of an unknown knight was excavated. All indications pointed that it was the tomb of the knight Galahad, and in his hands there was the trial of Merlin, which accompanied Galahad until the end of his days.

Now we suggest that you pass the Trial of Camelot and equal yourself with the greatest of the Knights of the Round Table.