One Piece Card Game Kingdoms of Intrigue Booster Pack

€ 4,99

A One Piece Card Game Kingdoms of Intrigue.

Search for the legendary treasure, the One Piece! Gather your crew and board your pirate ship to sail the Grand Line.

One Piece is one of the longest running anime series with many well-known and beloved characters such as Monkey D. Luffy and Crocodile, good or bad and all pirates in search of the legendary treasure One Piece to become the king of the pirates. Choose a leader for your deck, gather a crew, add DON!! add cards and challenge your opponents in this action-packed card game.

The Kingsdoms of Intrigue set introduces new characters known from the Arabasta and Dressrosa storyline such as Nefeltari Vivi and Donquixote Flamingo. In total, Kingsdoms of Intrigue contains 125 different cards and includes artwork from the original manga, the anime series and completely new artwork illustrated by the original artists! There are a total of six multi-colored leaders, 45 commons, 30 uncommons, 26 rares, 10 super rares, two secret rares, five specials cards and one Don!! card to collect.

A Boosterpack contains 12 cards.