A Set of Scrubs Solo roleplaying game - Engels

€ 19,99

A Set of Scrubs is a hospital game written by a real doctor. In this solo RPG, you witness the wonder, sadness and drudgery of an underfunded hospital through the viewpoint of a set of scrubs.

Due to an unfortunate budgeting shortfall, we are sadly no longer able to provide separate uniforms for porters, nurses, doctors - or even patients! Everyone is now issued with daily sets of scrubs, which we can reuse again and again, saving the hospital lots of money which we can spend on management consultants patient care.

Sadly, the entire staff of our laundry department has recently gone on strike - they are asking for something called “holiday pay” - so please bear with us if the quality of our cleaning is temporarily less than satisfactory.

You are a set of hospital scrubs.

You will live as that single set of scrubs through a daily change of wearers. Witness the wonder, sadness and drudgery that is the hospital experience. Slowly experience your material becoming stained, ripped, repaired and eventually discarded. 

Perhaps you will recognise a symmetry between your fragile cloth and the human lives around you?