Be Like a Crow Solo RPG - Engels

€ 19,99

All you need is a pen and paper, a deck of playing cards, and your unbridled imagination to take flight. This Kickstarter is for a solo-RPG that will allow you to become a crow and do crowy things whilst journalling your experiences. The softcover A5 rulebook contains everything you need to get started in a few minutes, as well as beautiful corvid-themed artwork.

It’s quick and easy to take flight.

Get started in minutes with simple character generation and rules for random objectives and events using a deck of playing cards. Create a crow, choose a setting, initiate play. Play involves drawing cards from the deck, consulting a table, and responding to the results by journalling your adventures.

Game sessions can be as short or as long as you want them to be.

To begin you’ll generate a crow from one of four corvid species, each with unique characteristics:

– Crow – Being from the most ubiquitous member of the crow family, you possess a wide range of skills but are a master of none. You are streetwise, hardy and have a broad range of contacts but sometimes have to rely on a bit of luck to get things done. Whilst you are cautious of humans, you occasionally befriend them when you sense there’s an opportunity to be had.
– Jackdaw – What you lack in size, you make up for with your charm. Highly sociable, you can move between various groups of all kinds of species. Whilst your life expectancy is lower than other corvids, everything you do, you do with joy. You are inquisitive and (sometimes foolishly) quick to trust humans.
– Magpie – Less sociable than other corvids, you spend most of your time with your mate or alone. You are also aware of the mythology surrounding you and can use it to mess with the humans. Whilst it’s a misconception that you steal shiny things, you have no issue with redistributing the property of other birds, including nests and eggs. You are not the strongest of fliers, but you excel at quick, daring manoeuvres.
– Rook – Whilst you socialise with other corvids, your loyalty is always towards your rookery. You live in large groups and have many contacts within your species, whom you can turn to in times of need. Indeed, you may well be called on to help others in your rookery. You are proud of your heritage, and it irks you when humans mistake you for a crow.

Then choose from one of four settings:

– High Fantasy – In a world steeped in mythology and gods, you are often part of the narrative, either revered or feared by humans.
– Gothic – Whether you live independently or build a symbiotic relationship with a vampire or other nefarious beings, there is always plenty of work for you to do in the castles, graveyards and forests.
– Clockwork Corvid – You are not alone in the skies. Humans have created the means to join you in their flying machines and, whilst their technology is an annoyance, they also have the means to repair your injuries with magic and metal.
– Cyber-crow – Enhanced by technology such as super-sight, micro-weaponry and navigational aids, you often work for humans as spies or war machines. However, occasionally the tech has been know to fail, resulting in a rogue corvid.

You’re ready to go!