QVKE Borg RPG - Engels

€ 19,99

"In a land dying a slow death at the hands of irrefutable prophecy, the thread of reality unravels. As the universe-that-was frays at the seams, more horrifying truths manifest.

Writhing with eldritch hatred is the QVKEMOTHER:

SHUB-NECHURATH reaches out across the cosmic void. Her infinite armies stand poised to bring this realm under her sway. She has heard rumours of the Two-Headed Basilisks and seeks to unseat their power, disprove their apocalypse and usher in one of her own."

QVKE BORG is an unofficial expansion compatible with MÖRK BORG. It’s inspired by the atmospheric, action-packed shooter videogames of the early 1990s. If you ever wanted to bring ROCKET LAUNCHERS into your bleak fantasy role-playing game, this is the book for you.

Forget the spiked flail – we've got EXPLOSIVES, BUCKSHOT and LIGHTNING!

 The QVKE BORG book is A5, about 40-ish pages and contains:

  • A bestiary containing 13 MONSTERS ready to drop straight into bloody combat
  • Writeups on two god-like horrors: CHTHON and SHUB-NECHURATH
  • A new character class, the SLIPGATE RANGER
  • An armoury of 8 WEAPONS to bring industrialised carnage to the Doomed Dimension and Dying Lands alike
  • 5 RANDOM TABLES and snippets of lore for good measure, to get those Game Master juices flowing
  • Artwork by Johan NohrDaniel VegaVil and more!
  • I definitely mentioned the ROCKET LAUNCHERS, right?