Our Woodland Gods rpg - Engels

€ 46,99

Wanna Join a Cult?
Don't worry, it's totally normal. Your fellow villagers are all cultists too!

Come live your best lives by throwing parties, going fishing, roasting marshmallows, and chanting under the full moon. And when your god demands the sacrifice of old Grandpa Joe? That's okay! It's how you all survive. It’s what keeps you safe from the heretics. But three days ago, your god died! Now you must gather your pact-mates, safeguard your village, and seek out a new god amongst the horrors of the Eldritch Woods. If you don't succeed, everything you know and love will be lost forever…

Come Embrace the Cozy-Horror!
Our Woodland Gods is a guided, GM-less, RPG about animal-folk cultists seeking a new eldritch god to worship. Together, you and some friends can explore this story of escalating horror via the safe, comfortable lens of your not-quite-innocent woodland village.

This book guides you, step by step, through an entire three-act campaign: walking you through character creation, giving you sections to read aloud, and explaining the rules as needed. Seven different paths, the luck of the dice, the draw of the cards, and nine runic tables ensure every journey will be unique. All stories end, but how you get there and what you lose along the way, is what really matters! (Optional solo-mode is also included.)