Star Wars Unlimited Shadows of the Galaxy Two Player Starter - Engels

€ 29,99

Star Wars: Unlimited two-player starter from Shadows of the Galaxy.

After Spark of Rebellion, this is the first expansion set for the Star Wars: Unlimited universe and with no fewer than 250 new cards it offers you unlimited new deckbuilding options.

New beloved characters such as The Mandalorian, Grogu and Moff Gideon are introduced as well as new mechanics that will make the already exciting space battles even more interesting. Will you take on a new role with a Leader from Shadows of the Galaxy or will you give your current decks a big boost with new mechanics? Discover it all with Shadows of the Galaxy.

A two-player starter contains everything you need to start playing Star Wars Unlimited together right away.

Two ready-made decks: each led by a powerful Leader. Play out an epic battle with these carefully curated starter decks. These decks also contain 10 unique cards that are not available in boosters. To guide your first game, this starter contains a rule booklet to get you started right away, two poster playmats to easily play your cards on the table, various counters for during play and two cardboard deck boxes to store your cards afterwards.

A Shadows of the Galaxy two-player starter deck contains:

- 2 ready-made decks.
- 110 cards in total.
- 10 unique cards only available in the two-player starter.
- 40 counters.
- 1 rule booklet.
- 2 poster playmats.
- 2 cardboard deck boxes.