Star Wars Unlimited Shadows of the Galaxy PRE-RELEASE TICKET & BOX - Engels

€ 28,99

Star Wars: Unlimited prerelease box of Shadows of the Galaxy.

When you buy your pre-release ticket you can choose shipping costs. Choose 'gratis afhalen in de winkel' / 'pick up for free in the store'. Of course you will receive the pre-release box at the pre-release event right before the start of the event. Just a webshop thing ;-)

It is not possible to order a pre-release box without attending the pre-release! We will not ship pre-release boxes. Nor will we sell pre-release boxes in the store!


After Spark of Rebellion, this is the first expansion set for the Star Wars: Unlimited universe and with no fewer than 250 new cards it offers you unlimited new deckbuilding options.

Join the Star Wars Unlimited prerelease with the Shadows of the Galaxy prerelease box.

The challenge is to create your own deck from six booster packs. Fortunately, each booster contains at least one leader and one base and thanks to the special deckbuilding rules of Star Wars Unlimited, the possibilities are endless.

In addition, a prerelease box contains two unique promo cards.

Are you ready for your Star Wars Unlimited adventure? 

Do... or Do Not. There Is No Try ~Yoda 'The Empire Strikes Back'.

A prerelease box of Shadows of the Galaxy contains:

- 6 boosters from Shadows of the Galaxy.
- 2 prerelease promo cards.
- 19 counters.
- 1 rule booklet.
- 1 booklet with tips for deck building
- 1 divider.
- 1 luxury cardboard deck box.


Join the fray in STAR WARS: Unlimited, the new trading card game. Select your leader, assemble your deck, and battle your opponent in this fast-paced card game full of iconic characters, locations and more from across the Star Wars galaxy!

Do you like smugglers, scoundrels, and scavengers of the Outer Rim? Do you dig bounty hunters? Join our pre-release and celebrate the second set Shadows of the Galaxy.

We will be playing the Sealed format, where you will have 6 new booster packs from Shadows of the Galaxy.

At the beginning of a sealed play event, you will open six booster packs. You must use the cards within those packs to build a deck while adhering to the following rules:

Your deck must consist of exactly one leader, exactly one base, and a minimum 30-card draw deck. Your sideboard includes all of the other cards you opened from your packs.

You can use any common base for your deck, even one that did not come from one of the booster packs you opened. You can only use a rare base if it was in one of the booster packs you opened.

Your draw deck can include any number of copies of the same card.

The winner of a sealed play match is determined by best-of-three games. Each game should take an average of 20 minutes to complete.

Level: Casual.
Type: (limited) Sealed
Structure: 3 rounds of 60 min swiss. Best-of-1.

Date: Friday, July 5th, 2024.
Registration: 18.30
Start: 18.45/19.00.

Beware: this pre-release is not in our store!
Address pre-release: OBA Café Roelof Hartplein. Roelof Hartplein 430, 1071TT Amsterdam (close by the store)

You're allowed to bring your own drinks and food/snacks. Sharing is caring 😊