A Fear Within The Roleplaying Game Zine - Engels

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A Fear Within is a roleplaying game where players take on the roles of both children and the monsters that live inside them.

These are not metaphorical monsters or fears. These are literal, powerful creatures that live inside the children and want to be unleashed upon the world. They are called Entities.

The Children and Entities are forced to work together to face The Fear, a dark power that threatens the world of human and monster alike.

Players work in pairs, and although they come from different worlds their relationship is essential to achieving their goals and saving all of existence. 

Forge Your Partnership

Select a partner and team up. One of you plays as The Child, a human with fears and desires that drive them. The other will play The Entity, a being with immense power created by the fears of the child. Once you’ve decided your role it’s time to…

Sculpt Your Relationship

Using a d8 driven system your relationship with your partner drives the game. The higher the value of your die the stronger the relationship between partner characters is, the lower the value of the die the more their relationship struggles. After building your relationship it is time for you to…

Set the Scene

Each turn players will have the opportunity to set a scene. This means they decide how they want to approach each roleplaying encounter. Players establish the scene's goals, setting, and the characters in a scene in order to….

Vanquish The Fear

The Fear is a being of immense power, eclipsing even that of The Entities. It is a malevolent force that threatens both the human characters and their monstrous counterpoints. To succeed players will need to find The Fear’s location, discover, its weakness, and finally defeat it.

Do you have what it takes to fight A Fear Within?

Format: very low profile zine.