Disney Lorcana Shimmering Skies Case Chapter 5 - Engels -->No shipping outside Netherlands!

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Dit betreft een case, dus 4 boosterboxen.

The kingdom of Lorcana is celebrating. The great evil sea witch Ursula from Ursula's Return has been defeated. The residents no longer have to live in fear and they celebrate exuberantly during a grand and magical festival. Despite all the fun and entertainment, a number of sleuths continue to investigate the devastation left by Ursula. Not everything is as it seems as the damage quickly worsens. As an Illumineer, will you help unravel the mystery?

A Case Shimmering Skies contains 4 boosterboxes with each 24 boosters. A Shimmering Skies booster pack contains 12 cards of which:

- 1 foil card that can be any rarity.
- 2 rare, super rare or legendary cards with a chance of a secret rare.
- 3 uncommon cards.
- 6 common cards.