Kinfire Delve Scorn's Stockade - Engels

€ 23,99

In Kinfire Delve: Scorn's Stockade, a tactical and cooperative card game for 1-2 players, you will fight your way through the well deck of challenge cards to reach Scorn, the Master of the Well, and face them in an epic final battle.

Scorn's Well is made up of four challenge cards, with Scorn himself in the middle. As a challenge is defeated, another takes its place, with 57 challenge cards in total. As you face the challenges of the Well, you may play a skill card from your hand only when it matches the color of the challenge card, e.g., if you're facing a red challenge card, then you may play only a red skill card. Some cards have two colors, and some are white, that is, wild. If the card you play does not defeat the challenge, you'll be able to add some progress to it and attempt it again, though you may suffer a penalty for doing so.

Other seekers can provide help by playing one of their own cards as a boost, but beware. Running out of cards nets you an exhaustion card before you can draw a new hand. Exhaustion cards are never good, but some are worse than others.

Defeating a challenge provides you a reward, such as regaining health or delving deeper into the Well, which is represented by discarding unseen challenge cards. Once you've made your way to the bottom of the Well, you'll face Scorn himself. All Seekers share a health pool, and if the pool reaches zero, you're defeated. This is a game that requires teamwork and persistence as the wells of Atios are unpredictable and quite dangerous.