Senet Magazine Issue 2 Summer 2020 - Engels

€ 9,99

The second issue of Senet magazine. Featuring: 

  • A specially commissioned metallic silver cover by celebrated illustrator Tom Gauld.
  • The fantastic board game art of Kwanchai Moriya (Capital Lux, Flip Ships, 7 Summits, In The Hall of the Mountain King). 
  • An extensive, exclusive interview with Rob Daviau, creator of the legacy genre and co-designer of the upcoming board-game blockbuster Return to Dark Tower.
  • The astonishing rise of the deckbuilding genre.
  • A deep dive into the controversial theme of colonialism. 
  • Previews of upcoming games, leading with Isaac Childres’ hugely anticipated Frosthaven. 
  • An in-depth reviews section, including Parks, Rome & Roll and Monumental
  • Actualol’s Jon Purkis revealing his Shelf of Shame. 
  • A designer’s journey column by Gloom of Kilforth creator Tristan Hall.
  • Writer/game designer Anna Blackwell on why it’s okay to break the rules. 
  • Exclusive brain-teasing puzzle by designer Ira Fay.

The magazine comprises 64 full-colour, 164mm x 240mm pages, printed on 110gsm uncoated paper, with a 250gsm uncoated cover featuring a special colour.