Senet Magazine Issue 4 Spring 2021 - Engels

€ 9,99

The fourth issue of Senet magazine. Featuring: 

  • An extensive, exclusive interview with Martin Wallace, designer of Brass, Age of Steam and Wildlands, featuring insights into his upcoming games Rocketmen and Bloodstones.
  • A journey through the dynamic, high-impact artwork of Dominik Mayer, including Magic: The Gathering, The Artemis Project and ISS Vanguard
  • Westerns on the tabletop, featuring Colt Express, Great Western Trail and Flick 'em Up!
  • A delve into the tile-placement genre, from dominoes to Carcassonne to The Isle of Cats.
  • Previews of exciting upcoming titles, including Tales From the Loop: The Board Game, HEL: The Last Saga and The Thing
  • Reviews of the latest releases, such as Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, Pandemic Legacy 0, Thrive, Kitara and Dune Imperium
  • Senet's favourite games of 2020.  
  • Ella Ampongan of Ella Loves Board Games revealing what's on her Shelf of Shame. 
  • The latest designer’s journey column by Gloom of Kilforth creator Tristan Hall.
  • Absolute Radio DJ Andy Bush on the agony of always being the one who has to explain the rules. 
  • Exclusive brain-teasing puzzle by designer Ira Fay.

    The magazine comprises 72 full-colour, 164mm x 240mm pages, printed on 110gsm uncoated paper, with a 250gsm uncoated cover featuring a special colour.