Dwelling a Solo Game For Ghosts - Engels

€ 34,99

Dwelling is a roleplaying game and short story for one.


Taking on the role of the embodied narrator you will wander through your new strange home at night. Read, write, and draw in this curated solitary experience of a sleepless night in a haunted house.


Exploring each room puts you face to face with strange manifestations that you feel before you see, how they are conjured unique to how you experience their presence. These spirits dredge up more than just themselves in your interactions, bringing with them parts of your past as you make contact with these spirits. A moment with a ghost is over as quickly as it started, leaving the room changed and parts of you changed as well, as you find your way through the shifting house and towards another encounter.


Part roleplaying game, part choose-your-own-ending horror story; Dwelling weaves its story through a strange house and brings you along with it, changing it as you play, allowing you to become one with the narrator and alter how their story is told.