Widget Ridge - Engels

€ 22,99

Widget Ridge is a steampunk-themed deckbuilding game, traditionally for 2 players (solo mode and extra players supported).


The game follows traditional deckbuilding mechanics of starting with a terrible deck of cards, and improving it with purchases and deck-thinning abilities.


Players take turns generating Gold and making Spark, purchasing new inventions from the Marketplace of Ideas, and combining these in their Workshop to make larger, crazier machines. Players can invent things like a Clockwork-Powered Butter Gun with a Parachute, a Coal-Powered Mechanical Bison with a Grappling Hook, or a Solar-Powered Battle Corset with an Antenna. The game has over 1000 combinations in the initial release.


The basic win condition is to gather 100 Spark, but the game also includes Goal cards that can alter the rules and win condition for additional replay value. Players can choose to concentrate on the game itself, or engage the rich story environment. The game is designed for 2+ players, but will have solo rules in the box.