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Cluebox Davy Jones Locker - Engels

€ 39,99
Cluebox Davy Jones Locker - Engels

The tales of Davy Jones send cold shivers down the spines of even hardened seafarers. A sea monster traps the souls of the drowned and holds them to the seabed. According to legend, this is not a physical object, but in Davy Jones Locker in iDventure's version, the seabed is transformed into a combination of mechanical puzzle and escape room in the form of a small detailed wooden box. You don't have to fear cold chills or even drowning, but be prepared for a really tricky challenge.



You need a good dose of patience, logical thinking and nimble fingers to master Davy Jones Locker. Each problem must be solved in the correct order in order to progress. The tricky puzzle consists of 72 carefully sawn out individual pieces. It is estimated that it takes more than an hour to take them apart. If you are not up to your neck in puzzles, you may discover certain clues that will eventually help you open Davy Jones Locker. Once you've managed to solve the puzzle, you can reassemble it and start again or challenge your friends. Play for time, who can solve the puzzle the fastest? Or what about wrapping a small gift in the box? Then the recipient has to solve the puzzle before they can get to the contents.


60 - 90 minutes adventure

and a unique experience that will be remembered for a long time afterwards.


72 Components

which have been precisely cut from high-quality birch wood using the finest laser technology.


100% puzzle fun

and your own little Escape Room that you can take to every event.


Creative packaging

for a small gift like money or jewellery.