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Metazoo Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition Theme Deck Pukwudgie Chieftain - Engels

€ 15,99

Many 1000's of years have passed, and only recently have the Forests been so devastated that ripples were sent throughout the Veil. Now that the Veil has shattered, it's time for the Beasties of the Forest to fight back to protect what is theirs, and who better to lead them than the Pukwudgie Chieftain? Outgrow the sappling strategies of your opponents with the MetaZoo Pukwudgie Chieftain Forest Tribal Theme Deck.


This Forest Tribal Theme Deck contains:

• 40 Card pre-constructed Deck

• 1 Holographic Promotional Card

• Release Holographic Promo

• 1 Cryptid Nation Map