Spirit Island Deluxe Invader Board - Engels

€ 22,99

Finally: a home for the decks in your games of Spirit Island.

The spirits each have their own boards that provide growth options, presence and energy tracks, innate abilities, and more. The game board is the island itself, with lands full of invaders, Dahan, spirit presence, and other inhabitants and snares.


Now, with this Spirit Island Deluxe Invader Board, there is a place for all of the rest of the important game elements.


Measures 22" x 22" (56cm x 56cm) at full size. The Spirit Island Deluxe Invader Board is a supplemental product to Spirit Island. You must have the core game to play.


Keep your blight, fear, major and minor power cards, scenario and phase cards, and so much more in their place for a more cohesive and organized game.


(Note: The Deluxe Invader Board is pictured with components from several Spirit Island accessories. Purchase of this product is for the board itself, and does not include cards or components)


Made of sturdy cardboard to ensure you'll be using it again and again.


Features all new, high quality art for to enhance your fear pool.


Designated places for all of the other components needed for the game.


Classic art from the original, beautiful, Spirit Island.


Keep your game neat and gameplay flowing.