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Detective Toolkit - Engels

€ 23,99

Given to you by Sherlock Holmes, this kit has everything you need to crack cases, solve mysteries, and become a great detective like him.


Including everything from Holmes’ trusty magnifying glass to his mysterious cipher wheel, it’s time to think like a detective as you try to solve the ten different case files.


Once you’ve cracked the cases, have hours of fun using the contents to solve mysteries of your own.


  • The Baker Street Detective Club - The Detective Toolkit for cracking 10 exciting mysteries.
  • Hours of fun and excitement with solving mysteries on your own.
  • This kit has everything you need to crack cases, solve mysteries.
  • Set contains: Magnifying glass, pencil, 40- page notebook, 8 evidence tags, 15 spy challenges, chiper wheel, spy pen, fingerprint kit, 10 unsolved cases files & solutions.