StoryMaster's Tales Dracodeep Dungeon - Engels

€ 39,00

Enter a wonderful 18th Century folklore fantasy. Meet vampires, greek monsters, traps, wizards, and so much more.


Includes 50 Narrated Soundscapes to make it even more theatrical and exciting!


The StoryMaster's Tales has been created to be a quick, easy and fun way of experiencing role-playing without the problem of learning lots of rules or owning numerous books and miniatures. The emphasis is on adventure and storytelling.


Anyone can play, Kids, Adults, Teens, and anyone can be the StoryMaster, as long as they can read aloud and have an hour or three to spare.


This new version of the StoryMaster’s Tales “Dracdeep Dungeon”, has been released two years since the first edition came out.


It also uses the new Maps, to make the game even more exciting.

  • Ten Quests
  • Fourteen playable characters
  • Maps & Story Log Sheets