Marching Order - Engels

€ 55,00

Marching Order is a solo or cooperative dungeon crawling game of greedy Rogues pilfering everything they can from monsters and each other. It comes with the Rogues Handbook, the Delvers Guide, and cards for your Rogues and Monsters.


Listen up, Rogue. You need some ale money and we need some work done. It’s a match made in heaven, if you can pull yourself together long enough to go into a deep dark hole and kill whatever is rustling around down there. Buy your team, outfit ’em with gear, spank their behinds, and get them moving – there’s some ancient evils under the town of Rotbottom that need dealing with. I know you’re not really the hero types, but this town is where your favorite tavern is, so get going.

Marching Order is a solo/co-op Dungeon delve that plays like Choose your own Adventure and Darkest Dungeon’s analog bastard child. You can play on your lonesome or bring some friends together to share in the hilarious misery.


It comes with a 112 page rulebook and 140 pages of adventures to take your unlucky Rogues on. In addition, you get a deck of cards to keep track of your Marching Order and all the printable character sheets you need to play.

​Get in line, Rogue. ​​There’s coin to be won and drink to be had.