Lighthouse at the nd of the World Solo RPG - Engels

€ 15,99

solo journaling RPG, Lighthouse at the End of the World. As a Wretched & Alone game, Lighthouse uses a die, playing cards, a coin, and a few other pieces to help you generate an original story of doom, grace and perseverance.


In Lighthouse, you are the keeper of the titular beacon at the furthest reaches of human civilization. You live amongst the salvage from countless shipwrecks, neighbor to the most remote penal colony on earth, and you are not alone. Those shipwrecks brought not just cargo but their dead to your shores, and in their madness they'll do anything to take your mind and then your body from you.


As you fulfill your duties, tend the light and wrestle with your own past, you'll try to piece together the mysteries of who these ghosts are. Because uncovering their identities will finally end their suffering... and a measure of your own.