Dreamchaser A Game of Destiny - Engels

€ 28,99

If you could live out any story, any moment—what would you experience?


Lead a Rebellion • Ride a Dragon • Win an Academy Award • Free an Innocent Man • Race to the Stars • Restore Your Memory • Get the Girl/Boy • Live to Tell About It • Seal an Ancient Evil • Become the Perfect Weapon • Solve a Madman’s Riddle • Uncover the Truth • Find Dad's Pants • Create the Cure • Crown the Rightful Heir • Survive the Zombie Outbreak • Live Without Fear • Discover a New World • Be Adored by Fans • Broker Peace


Your character has a moment, a challenge, a purpose waiting for you. Will you chase it? Will you realize your dream?


No dream is too great or too small…find your strategy for success.


Dreamchaser: A Game of Destiny is an immersive story building game where a game master guides players on a journey to achieve their dream. The players imagine a goal for their game—their story. They let that goal inspire them, imagining characters to play and experiences to have. Experiences they want to share. They live out that story wherever it takes them— a story of pursuing their dreams.


Dreamchaser features:


  • A Dream Mapping process that creates a goal oriented game of the players’ design in minutes and gives players a say in the story they want to experience.  
  • A Vision Roll technique that helps players influence the Game Master’s plans for every game session while helping the Game Master prepare for immediate or future play.
  • Collaborative and interactive Character Creation that rewards creativity, spawns immersive characters, and sets them on a mutual goal.
  • Character Milestones break stories (campaigns) into short sessions like chapters in a book. Play them consecutively or fit them into busy adult lives.
  • Game Masters create any story characters or challenges they need in seconds so they can focus on engaging player characters and driving the story forward.
  • Flexible rules that empower players to create their own strategies for success and allow them to defeat challenges in any manner that fits the story they want to tell.


Dreamchaser is easy to relate to with a 1-10 scale. Every target number is on the character sheet. There are no modifiers, only rerolls. Each roll is designed to get the player into the character’s headspace and drive the story forward with an outcome that dictates meaningful success or failure. Play pretend again. Create stories, create characters, create memories. Visit imagininggames.com for actual plays, reviews, interviews, examples, and more.