Raid & Trade War on the Streets expansion - Engels

€ 24,99 € 6,99

Expansion for the base game.

From deep within the wastelands, far from the Golden City comes a new breed of survivors. Forged in the most desolate conditions these opportunistic individuals prowl the ruins watching for passers-by – to either join or exploit.


Skilled nomads, these ‘Hitchhikers’ can twist any situation to their advantage, whether through silver-tongued and honeyed words or brute force and lethal cunning. Having been bred far from the Golden City, some Hitchhikers have only recently heard of the glittering utopia and many have made their way across hundreds of miles, braving unimaginable dangers and hardships for a chance to learn more about this potential prize.


Some consider the Hitchhikers to be parasites that latch onto and leech from others, but for them it is a way of life and the ultimate path to survival. They are wild rovers, moving from one opportunity to the next in search of the last big pay-off… But they are not the only ones who come from the shadows.. Riders & gangs, rebels & outlanders are rising in the wastelands. They tried to enter the Golden City, but they were stopped by the Forces and now they are exiled for ever in the wastelands. Anyone who is trying to reach the Golden City, has to face them and their minions.



19 miniatures: 4 Miniatures: James, Angela, Daphne, & Casey, 1 Commander Miniature, 3 Rogue Miniatures, 5 Deformer Miniatures, 6 Scavenger Miniatures.

4 Character Boards, 9 Suburb Map Tiles, 1 Outpost Map Tile, 48 Item Cards, 1 Resource Die, 1 Strike Die, 4 Combat Dice, 6 Source Tokens plus 1 ENG Rulebook.