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Cluebox Cambridge Labryinth - Engels

€ 49,99

The fifth edition of the Cluebox, the escape room that fits in the palm of your hand, has a playfully philosophical theme. The puzzle box features a complex marble maze and nesting mechanical challenges that cannot be solved without thoughtful analysis and experimentation.


It is said that the term “scientist” was first coined by William Whewall, one of the founders of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, in the early 1800’s. It is believed that there was only one condition to become a member of the Philosophical Society. Applicants had to open a mechanical “Cambridge Labyrinth” invented by Whewell. Now you have an opportunity to match wits with the professor and gain entry to this prestigious guild of inventors.


Experts may solve this sequential discovery sequence in under an hour but even if you complete the puzzle in less than 90 minutes you should be proud. Constructed from 167 precisely designed birch wood pieces and six acrylic face plates, Cambridge Labyrinth introduces the kinetic element of rolling and sliding metal marbles. In addition to solving a series of nesting puzzles, you’ll have to navigate the array of marbles through the inner labyrinth of the box.


Once you've completed the experience, reset the pieces, and pass the puzzle on to a friend so they too can prove themselves worthy of admission to the esteemed Cambridge Philosophical Society.