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The Broken Cask Society RPG

€ 19,99

The Broken Cask Society is a tabletop game for 1-3 (or more!) players. You create your character, either from scratch or using playbooks, and trek through a fantasy world as a member of the Broken Cask Society. You will ford rivers, scale mountains, and blaze trails to the most famous (and infamous) inns, pubs, taverns, wineries, drinkeries, alehouses, and meaderies in the land.


You will use random tables to find out what happens and create a wonderful, cozy story as you go.


  • Cozy, fantasy tavern vibes
  • Low stakes
  • GM-less group play
  • Solitaire play
  • Straightforward 1d6 rules
  • Random tables and pre-written character sheets mean zero prep
  • Clearly written rules
  • Lots of supplemental materials for online and print-at-home play
  • Awesome for new players and burnouts alike