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Turning Tides - Nederlands / Engels

€ 26,95

Turning Tides is winnaar speelgoed van het jaar 2022 in de categorie kennersspellen.

Turning Tides een tactisch tweespeler spel waarbij je probeert het schip van je tegenstander in 3 zones kapot te schieten of zijn voltallige crew uit te schakelen. Het is spelkaart gedreven waarbij je goed moet opletten welke kaarten je tegenstander al heeft gespeeld. Of welk moment je ervoor kiest om juist niets te doen. Een spel waarbij de kansen net zo snel kunnen keren als de wind. Als de vroegere galjoenen varen de schepen zijwaarts langs elkaar heen. Vuur!



Turning Tides is a naval battle between two players. Each player takes control of a ship that they will have to manage. During rounds the ships will sail past each other zone for zone in a modular style. During each step of sailing, players will be able to draw and play an action card which will either help them place new sailors and cannons on their ship, utilize movement of units or the ships themselves, or attack the enemy ship. Play happens simultaniously throughout the game, which means the game has litte idle time. In between rounds players have the option of swapping cards from- and into their playing deck, which changes the capabilities of each player for the next round.


You win a game by either destroying three zones on the enemy ship to sink them, or get rid of the entire enemy crew as to set them adrift into the rocks.


You will have to position your crewmen and cannons tactically to do as much damage to the enemy boat as possible, all the while trying to avoid your opponent from doing the same to you. Aside from that, you have your captain to think about. Losing them is a costly mistake and will give opponent the upperhand. A game focused on patience, tactics and outwitting your opponent.