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Advanced Tiny Dungeon RPG - Engels

€ 25,99

Advanced Tiny Dungeon is Tiny Dungeon 2e, turned up to 11 (10 wasn't complex enough).  Written by Mark Parish, Advanced Tiny Dungeon features more complex rules, more involved options, and more choices to make! If you wanted your streamlined gaming a bit more crunchy, here's how you get it! It's the the big sibling to the game you already know and love! We dug it out of our archives, and polished up the retro-files as a special gift today.


Illustrated with black and white line art, a retro-graphic design vibe, and much more, we're going old-school with our modern gaming ideas! Featuring complex takes on TinyZine articles, adventures, as well as a full-core ruleset, ADVANCED TINY DUNGEON is what you need when your minimalist gaming isn't big enough.


What's in the book? Rules complexities like: 


  • Variable damage
  • Character classes
  • Armor
  • Variable difficulty


Additional elements such as:


  • Enemies
  • Adventures
  • Expanded sub-systems around dungeon-crawling activities
  • and a microsetting.


    While we are launching this product as a tongue-in-cheek jab at ourselves on April Fool's Dayrest assured, there is a real game in here and you will get a book with a fully playable game in it.


    We should make this clear: Advanced Tiny Dungeon represents a fun "what if" scenario for a more complex iteration TinyD6, but it is not a revision of the core TinyD6 rules, nor does it represent a change in our TinyD6 design philosophy overall.