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Wreckland Run Fallout Expansion - Engels

€ 26,99

Welcome back to the Wreckland. You've made quite a name for yourself on your past runs, but there is always room for growth and new threats appear from out of the wastes every day. These new enemies are bringing new TOXIC weapons into play, sure to slow down your carnage. But you've also been outfitted with new MISSILE weapons, capable of long-range damage. New vehicles, new enemies, new bosses... time to run AGAIN.


The Fallout expansion is expanded content for Wreckland Run. It includes 1 campaign book adding 3 chapters to the campaign, 2 vehicle mats, 2 pilot cards, 6 upgrade cards, 9 parts cards, 9 enemy cards, 3 new bosses, and 9 green "toxic" gems.